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Time for Port fans to face the unthinkable: The Crows can win the Premiership

  • Time for Port fans to face the unthinkable: The Crows can win the Premiership

    ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 11: Power Head coach Ken Hinkley walks off in front of Power fans after their defeat during the round two AFL match between the Port Adelaide Power and the Sydney Swans at Adelaide Oval on April 11, 2015 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

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It can be difficult for Port Adelaide fans to give credit to the team down the road but unfortunately the Adelaide Crows are playing very good football and the idea of a Crows Premiership in 2016 is not such a farfetched one. The situation is made worse because Port Adelaide in all likelihood will not be involved in finals action. So how do Port Adelaide fans best prepare for this potential nightmare becoming a reality?

Book a holiday

The idea of being surrounded by celebrating Crows fans in September is not a thought to cherish. Maybe a nice getaway to Antarctica with minimal outside world contact is something that will appeal during this time.  Rest assured staying in Adelaide not only will you have Crows supporting friends and acquaintances remind you of a Crows win, but people you have not heard from in years will suddenly come out of the woodwork.

It is also difficult to know how long to book this holiday for. Will the Crows fans celebrate the Premiership for a couple of weeks and then move on? Or it will be like the previous Premiership almost 20 years ago? If this is the case it is very unlikely that people will have enough annual leave accrued to have a holiday period of 15 to 20 years.

A cruise is something that has certainly become popular over the years as it appeals to both families and individuals. Good value for money, a variety of activities available and a good opportunity to relax and pamper yourself. Just be wary you do not accidentally book the Adelaide Crows Cruise or you may be weighing up the pros and cons of jumping overboard at sea.

Grin and bear it

Sometimes you just have to acknowledge when a team has performed well and winning a Premiership is a wonderful achievement and no easy feat. Of course it can be difficult to be gracious and congratulatory if the opposition feel like gloating and reminding you on a regular basis. While a nod and smile might be the best response in theory it takes a strong willed person to not respond to a bad winner.

But not all Crows fans will be unbearable winners, will they?

Strength in numbers

While Adelaide supporters will be celebrating that potentially leaves everyone else in Adelaide at risk. Not just Port Adelaide supporters but potentially other club supporters will be faced with the smugness that can accompany a person who supports a Premiership winning team. Of course the individual person has not personally won the Premiership but some do take more satisfaction from their team winning than the players actually involved and will certainly remind opposition supporters on a regular basis.

These types of people are best to avoid and often spending time with fellow club supporters can help ensure safety in numbers. It is one thing approaching one person to gloat, perhaps a group of five opposition supporters may make a gloating fan think twice. Chances are another Port Adelaide supporter will not want to discuss how brilliant the Crows are.

Witness Protection

Witness protection is generally reserved for someone in danger such as a threatened witness or defendant within the justice system. While there are a variety of measures used under witness protection the serious cases will involve relocating the person as well as family and associates if in immediate danger. In the most serious cases a complete new identity can be created.

Ideally this is not something Port Adelaide fans will have to resort to in avoiding Adelaide supporters. A Crows Grand Final victory however and it might be wise to avoid social media and the local media no doubt will be unbearable for a period of time.

Some Port Adelaide fans will need to change phone numbers and at the very least screen phone calls and visitors. While a full identity change may not be required some people will need to go into hiding until it is safe to surface and face certain Crows fans.  If this includes family members, well so be it.

Fight fire with fire

Not only is fight fire with fire a quality thrash Metallica song, but it can be a natural response to a rival team performing well. No doubt some Port Adelaide fans when faced with the prospect of Crows success will respond by pointing out all of the achievements of Port Adelaide to try and counteract any Adelaide achievements. Established 1870, the most successful team in Australia, the Crows are only in the competition because of Port Adelaide etc. Some may actually decide an actual fight is a reasonable response to a Crows victory but I would advise against it.

When it comes to celebrating success the here and now is what is most important and unfortunately winners are grinners.

Does history repeat?

While Port Adelaide fans are constantly reminded of the narrow 119 point loss in the 2007 Grand Final they can take some comfort from the Crows finals record since their last premiership in 1998. The Crows have not won or made another Grand Final since. During this time the Crows have had multiple top four finishes but failed to make another Grand Final.

Since 2004 Port Adelaide has never lost a finals match to a team that finished the regular season below them on the ladder including the infamous 2007 Grand Final. The Crows on the other hand have botched multiple opportunities to play off in another Grand Final.  The overall finals record in the last 10 years for Adelaide is 5 wins and 9 losses. Port Adelaide has a finals record of 6 wins and 4 losses. While the factual evidence confirms Port Adelaide have been a better performing finals side in the last decade it will count for little if Adelaide claim this year’s Premiership.

Will history repeat or does law of averages suggest the Crows finals fortunes will turn around?

Facing the fears

Sometimes in life we need to face our fears and unfortunately this includes the scariest prospect of all, an Adelaide Premiership. The above tips will ideally prove helpful.

One question to ask yourself is if you have been a good winner and respectful towards Crow fans when they have suffered defeat in the past?  If not then you may need to prepare for a barrage coming your way. If the Crows “choke” in the finals as many hope then I guess that is more ammunition in the joys of sporting rivalry.

Any other advice people will implement if the inevitable happens? I’ll hide away in this abandoned bomb shelter until it is safe to surface. A Port supporting friend told me that it is a good idea to support a South Australian team if Port Adelaide is not involved in finals action. I miss having that person as a friend.

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