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Hinkley wants top-up player for Ryder

  • Hinkley wants top-up player for Ryder

Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley says he wants to sign a state league player to replace ruckman Paddy Ryder for next season.

Despite losing Ryder and Angus Monfries through the CAS decision on the January 12, the AFL has stated that the Power are allowed to elevate a rookie to cover both Monfries and Ryder. 

But Hinkley is demanding the club be allowed permission to sign a top-up player.

“How do you get penalised for not creating the problem and have to deal with it? It doesn’t make sense to me,” Hinkley told 5AA in Adelaide.

“Our football manager, Chris and our board will take care of that situation, but you would think at worst we would not start the season below the numbers of the Essendon Football Club.

“We’ve made the application to the AFL based on the fact they ruled that we basically can’t replace the players, that’s one that we have to examine a bit closer and they have to examine for us.

“We had some visibility of Paddy, but we had no visibility on Gus so at worst Essendon should not start the season with 43 and us with 42 players.”

Port Adelaide rookie Nathan Krakouer looks most likely to be elevated to the senior list according to Hinkley.

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